Top 10 Most Popular Cruise Destinations

January 25, 2019

Cruise Critic, a cruise review community, asked travelers what their favorite places are to dock during a river cruise and ocean cruise. The results are based on thousands of ratings and reviews for 18 regions across the globe, posted by consumers on Cruise Critic’s website.

They found that the destination is a decisive factor for many travelers. They created a top 10 of the most popular destinations.

  1. Glacier Bay, Alaska
  2. Arles, France
  3. Quebec City Canada
  4. Budapest, Hungary
  5. Würzburg, Germany
  6. Dürnstein, Austria
  7. Avignon, France
  8. Sint-Petersburg, Russia
  9. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  10. Villefranche, France

We are proud to say that in 2019 Select Voyages will dock in 5 out of the 10 most popular destinations. Moreover, we often visit two of the 10 most popular destinations in one week!

The MS William Shakespeare will sail on the Rhone starting in April 2019. During the many cruises that are scheduled this year she will also dock in Arles and Avignon.

Arles is famous for being a source of inspiration for the Dutch painter Van Gogh. During the Roman empire Arles was a provincial capital. Many
remains from that era can still be found in the city, including the Arles Amphitheater which is still in use nowadays.

Avignon is another famous city, Avignon - Select Voyagesonce the seat of the Catholic popes during their exile from Rome from 1309 until 1377. The “Pont d’Avignon” is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Upon its completion in 1185 the Avigon bridge was the only place to cross the Rhone between Lyon and the Mediterranean sea.

Budapest is an all-time bucket list destination for travelers from all over the world. Almost all of the excellent river cruise vessels from our fleet visit the Hungarian capital: MS Charles Dickens, MS Select Bellejour, MS Select Belvedere, MS Serenade 1, MS Serenade 2, MS Serenity, MS Vista Explorer and the MS Bellissima.

Serenade 2 - Budapest - Select VoyagesA highlight of any cruise is entering this magnificent city and seeing the majestic Hungarian parliament when turning the corner. Six out of nine of our river cruise vessels visit Budapest and Dürnstein in one cruise.

is a medieval castle town, situated in the heart of the Wachau Valley. Travelers can wander through the charming center, enjoy the views of the surrounding valley and the castle ruins and take part in a wine tasting to savor quality wines from the Wachau region.

On the MS Select Belvedere we offer our Classic Danube allocation cruise, on which travelers can experience both cities on the magnificent Danube river.

Five of Select Voyages’ vessels dock in Würzburg - Select Voyagespicturesque Würzburg, a delightful Bavarian city on the Main river which is known for its lavish baroque and rococo architecture. A place not to miss when visiting this city is the Würzburg Residence, an 18th century palace that’s definitely a must see.

Want to experience a river cruise with us and visit these popular destinations? Contact us now to discuss the possibilities for your clients.

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