Tailor Made Cruise Itineraries

Tailor Made Cruise Itineraries

Want something different? When chartering one of our ships, we pride ourselves in offering tour operators flexibility to create their own cruise itineraries in cooperation with our nautical department. This ultimately enhances the product for your respective market and creates a unique cruise experience adapted specifically to the nationality and interests of your clients.

We also offer classic cruise itineraries on the Danube and the Rhine, as these are a must-sees when taking a river cruise in Europe. Charters and international flexible allocations are both possible on these cruises, enabling tour operators to uncover the European waterways on our excellent four and five-star river cruise vessels. Furthermore, starting in 2019 we will also sail on the Rhone.

Other options include wine and culinary cruises, Christmas markets and New Year’s Eve celebrations on board. What about a themed cruise or a party night? Our ships can even be used as accommodation at trade fairs, go afloat now and charter one of our excellent river cruise vessels as a hotel ship!

In addition to charters and allocations, we can also purpose-build a river cruise vessel for your needs. We are building new ships for our clients as well as for ourselves; we are investing in new technologies to provide you with the most up-to-date river cruise vessels.

Select Voyages offers a multitude of options for a unique river cruise experience for your clients. Whatever cruise you have in mind, we will have either already cruised it, or will find a way to make it possible. Contact us now to discuss the endless possibilities. Please send an email to info@select-voyages.com; we are currently taking requests for the upcoming seasons.