Delights of the Low Countries – Serenade 1 Charter

August 31, 2018

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of river cruising? Ms. Cowper, a guest on Titan Travel UK‘s MS Serenade 1 charter, wrote an informative article about her experiences on board Titan’s Delights of the Low Countries cruise:…/

You can read about the following topics:

1. The contemporary classic decor of the MS Serenade 1 
2. The comfortable cabin on MS Serenade 1
3. The dining experience on MS Serenade 1
4. The friendly staff on board MS Serenade 1
5. The Titan VIP door-to-door experience
6. Getting up close to fascinating new places
7. The English feel on board
8. The Titan service on your cruise
9. Meeting the Captain on MS Serenade 1
10. Affordable pricing and inclusive costs

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Cabin MS Serenade 1


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