Highly skilled International Cruise Directors

Highly skilled International Cruise Directors

No cruise would be complete without Select Voyages’ highly skilled and international Cruise Directors, who oversee that guest satisfaction is of utmost priority. Going above and beyond their call of duty, you have peace of mind that whilst onboard, your client’s every need is taken care of. In addition to guest relations, the Cruise Director is responsible for the daily onshore excursion program.

Select Voyages operates its vessels in dual language, unless specified otherwise. Therefore, notices and announcements will be primarily in German and English on international allocation sailings. We understand the necessity of offering assistance to other language groups and hence, our Cruise Directors will ensure this is taken care of by working with your tour leader to provide translations and offering small language meetings and presentations to ensure that everyone enjoys their vacation.

Alternatively, if you choose to charter a vessel, daily programs, menus and information can be offered in the language of choice. Please note that the crew will mainly operate in English.

Through experience and guest feedback, we are pleased to continue offering mixed-nationality cruises for 2019 and 2020, on board a selection of our ships. When taking out an international allocation, we strive to offer you flexibility with regard to languages and excursions. We are prepared to guarantee excursions in other languages aside from English and German. For more information please contact

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