Highly skilled International Cruise Directors

Highly skilled International Cruise Directors

On board of all our allocation cruises we have a highly skilled international cruise director, who oversees that guest satisfaction is of utmost priority. Going above and beyond their call of duty, you have peace of mind that while onboard, your client’s every need is taken care of. The cruise director will also provide travelers with commentary while cruising along the magnificent scenery, castles, vineyards, as well as other in-depth information about highlights and areas of interest. The cruise director is also responsible for the daily onshore excursion program.

Our cruise directors are at least fluent in two languages: English and German. We operate our vessels in dual language, unless specified otherwise. Therefore, notices and announcements will be primarily in English and German on international allocation sailings. However, we do understand the necessity of aiding other language groups. Therefore, our cruise directors work closely together with the tour leaders of other language groups to provide translations and accommodate groups when needed, ensuring that all passengers enjoy their vacation.

Alternatively, tour operators can charter a vessel on which daily programs, menus and information are offered in the language of choice. Please note that the crew will mainly operate in English. Click here to read more or contact us for more information.

After having received positive feedback from both guests and tour operators, we are pleased to continue offering mixed-nationality cruises on board a selection of our ships for 2019. On these allocation cruises we strive to offer you flexibility with regards to languages and excursions. If you require excursions in another language aside from English and German, please contact our Product and Excursion Manager to discuss the possibilities.

Happy cruising!