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Four Fabulous Rivers in Fall – 2018

This exceptional nine-day cruise takes you over four fabulous European waterways. Experience the contrast between the bustling Rhine and the serene Moselle. Starting on the Rhine, in one of Germany’s oldest cities Cologne, the William Shakespeare takes you along the stunning winelands on the Moselle. The cruise continues through the medieval towns on the borders of the Bavarian part of the Rhine to the enchanting cities on the Main. This cruise will end in Regensburg, a medieval city on the Danube, famous for Bavaria’s most impressive Gothic wonder: St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Let us impress you with carefully designed excursions to the highlights of this region, which has enjoyed continuous popularity. This cruise truly is an exciting and fulfilling experience not to be missed.


  • Cruise along 4 rivers in one cruise
  • Experience the stunning winelands on the Moselle
  • Splendor on the ‘Romantic Road’ on the Rhine
  • Delight in enchanting cities on the Main

Four Fabulous Rivers in Fall - Select Voyages

Day to day

Day 1 - Cologne

Arrival: - / Departure: 16:00

Day 2 - Cochem & Koblenz

Arrival: 07:30 / Departure: 14:30

Reichsburg Castle Tour

Day 3 - Koblenz & Rüdesheim

Arrival: 19:00 (Rüdesheim) / Departure: 13:00 (Koblenz) - 01:00 (Rüdesheim)

At 16:15 we will pass by the Loreley Passage.

Koblenz City Tour
Music Cabinet & Wine Tasting

Day 4 - Frankfurt

Arrival: 09:00 / Departure: 17:00

City Tour Frankfurt

Day 5 - Wertheim

Arrival: 09:00 / Departure: 17:00

City Tour Wertheim

Day 6 - Würzburg

Arrival: 07:00 / Departure: 13:00

City Tour Würzburg

Day 7 - Schweinfurt & Bamberg

Arrival: 0:01 (Schweinfurt) - 14:30 (Bamberg) / Departure: 06:00 (Schweinfurt) - 20:30 (Bamberg)

City Tour Bamberg

Day 8 - Nuremberg

Arrival: 07:30 / Departure: 14:30

City Tour Nuremberg

Day 9 - Regensburg

Arrival: 05:30 / Departure: 17:00


Day 2 – Cochem
Reichsburg Castle tour
The contours of this breathtaking neo-gothic castle rise more than 100 meters above the river Mosel and allow for a stunning view of the surrounding valley. By minibus, make your way to the hilltop to experience the magnificent vista over the valley where you will find the beautifully renovated Reichsburg Castle. Inside the castle, a guided tour takes you through the different castle chambers, which all uniquely have their own quirks and tales. On the way back, it’s up to you whether you prefer to visit the center of Cochem and explore this lovely town on your own, or alternatively, the minibus can bring you back to the ship. 

Day 3 – Koblenz
Koblenz City Tour
Experience one of the most beautiful towns in Germany with more than 2000 years of history, on a guided walking tour. The great strategic location, at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel rivers, was the reason the Romans called the city Confluentes, which changed to the more German spelling of Koblenz in 1926. The romantic streets of Koblenz show a variety of famous stories shaped around many local traditions and sites. Enjoy highlights such as the Church of Our Lady and the St. Castor Basilica. Discover the picturesque squares and the impressive monument of Emperor Wilhelm I at the German Corner. From here, on the rocky cliff high above the confluence of the two rivers, radiates a magical attraction, known as Fortress Ehrenbreitstein.

Day 3 – Rüdesheim
Music cabinet and wine tasting
Departing directly from the ship, the wine-grower-express mini-train transfers guests directly to the heart of Rüdesheim. Here, the famous mechanical music cabinet is on show, where you can enjoy listening to as many as 350 self-playing musical instruments from over three centuries of German history. Finish the evening with a wine tasting at a local winery, and soak up the atmosphere in this charming town.

Day 4 – Frankfurt
Frankfurt City Tour
Frankfurt is a dynamic and international city with the most imposing skyline of Germany. However, this city that lies in the heart of Germany and Europe has much more to offer than this. Near the skyscrapers you can find cozy pubs and in the heart of the bustling city center, historical sites are everywhere around you. Frankfurt is not just proud of its most famous son, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but they are also proud of the Cathedral and the Paulskirche, the cradle of German democracy. Enjoy a guided city tour in this real metropolis. 

Day 5 – Wertheim
Wertheim City Tour
Step ashore the charming, romantic, fairy-tale town of Wertheim with the imposing ruins of its castle. The town lies at the mouth of the river Tauber and the River Main and its medieval center is characterized by richly decorated half-timbered houses, squares and narrow alleys. All of this is enriched by beautiful landscapes, culture, history and, of course, not to be missed, the excellent wines! The Frankish hospitality makes Wertheim what it is. During this City Tour you will discover all the highlights of this glorious city.

Day 6 – Würzburg
Würzburg City Tour
Würzburg is a marvelous display of Baroque and Rococo architecture and a hot spot for wine enthusiasts. Many young and innovative farmers try to market a beautiful wine product in this enchanting region. You will explore the city, founded in the tenth century, during a walking tour. Along the way, you will find remnants of history left behind by several powerful prince-bishops. 

Day 7 – Bamberg
Bamberg City Tour
Bamberg began to prosper in the twelfth century, and was the center of Southern Germany’s ‘Enlightenment’ in the late 18th century. The great German Philosopher Hegel lived here, and Bamberg was the second city (after Mainz) to introduce book-printing. The city has grown famous in beer-enthusiast circles as the home to Rauchbier: a beer known for its smoky notes and malty finish.
With more than 2000 buildings listed as historical monuments, Bamberg’s old city center is Europe’s largest existing group of historic structures. This area not only earned UNESCO World Heritage Site status, but it was also designated as a “World Cultural and Natural Heritage of Mankind” site in 1993. Your tour will immerse you in this vibrant display of historical locations and culture—and you will also have time to explore this fascinating city on your own before returning to the ship for dinner. 

Day 8 – Nuremberg
Nuremberg City Tour
Nuremberg is Bavaria’s second-largest city, and once the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire. You can still see traces of its illustrious past with the imposing medieval castle that looks over the city from above. It grew to serve as the heart of the German Renaissance in the 15th and 16th centuries.
The Nazi Party chose Nuremberg as the site of massive conventions between 1927 and 1938 because of its connection to the Holy Roman Empire. Although Nuremberg is so closely associated with numerous events of the past, nowadays it is a lively and vibrant city with a contemporary vibe. Get a sense of daily life in the city during this interesting tour.

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