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Delights of Rhine & Moselle – 2018

Cruise along the romantic Rhine and the serene Moselle. Enjoy the charm and beauty of picturesque valleys and towns lining the riverside, medieval fortresses and an abundance of fairy tale landscapes. No other river in the world passes through as many historically-rich cities, cultural landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites as the Rhine. The Rhine’s tributary is the Moselle, a delightful river that passes by many vineyards, castles and quaint towns.

Let us impress you with carefully designed excursions to the highlights of this region, which has enjoyed continuous popularity. This cruise truly is an exciting and fulfilling experience not to be missed.


  • Cruise along 2 rivers in one cruise
  • Splendor on the ‘Romantic Road’ on the Rhine
  • Experience the stunning winelands on the Moselle

Please note, this cruise operates in reverse on October 26th.

Delights of Rhine & Moselle - Select Voyages

Day to day

Day 1 - Cologne

Arrival: - / Departure: 16:00

Day 2 - Cochem

Arrival: 07:30 / Departure: 14:30

Reichsburg Castle Tour

Day 3 - Trier & Bernkastel

Arrival: 06:00 (Trier) - 19:00 (Bernskastel) / Departure: 13:30

Trier City Tour

Day 4 - Bernkastel & Zell

Arrival: 18:00 (Zell) / Departure: 13:00 (Bernkastel)

Bernkastel City Tour

Day 5 - Zell & Koblenz

Arrival: 14:30 (Koblenz) / Departure: 05:00 (Zell) - 20:30 (Koblenz)

Koblenz City Tour

Day 6 - Rüdesheim & Cologne

Arrival: 02:30 (Rüdesheim) - 10:00 (Cologne) / Departure: 13:00

At 09:15 we will pass by the Loreley Passage.

Music Cabinet & Wine Tasting

Day 7 - Cologne

Arrival: - / Departure: 16:00


Day 2 – Cochem
Reichsburg Castle tour
The contours of this breathtaking neo-gothic castle rise more than 100 meters above the river Mosel and allow for a stunning view of the surrounding valley. By minibus, make your way to the hilltop to experience the magnificent vista over the valley where you will find the beautifully renovated Reichsburg Castle. Inside the castle, a guided tour takes you through the different castle chambers, which all uniquely have their own quirks and tales. On the way back, it’s up to you whether you prefer to visit the center of Cochem and explore this lovely town on your own, or alternatively, the minibus can bring you back to the ship.

Day 3 – Trier
Trier City Tour
The oldest city in Germany, Trier, is located in the Moselle valley and surrounded by the hills of the Eifel and the Hunsrück. Trier annually attracts many visitors and not just because of the many preserved buildings from Roman times. The range of art and culture is huge in Trier. Even though the city is more than 2,000 years old, with its college and university, Trier is a vibrant and livable place where many young people live.
Enjoy this guided tour which starts by coach to discover the famous sights of the historic Roman city of Trier. Many landmarks are on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Ones we arrive in the beautiful city center we will continue on a walking tour. Highlights include the Porta Nigra, the Amphitheatre, the Basilica and the imperial baths. Enjoy some free time after the tour before returning to the ship. 

Day 4 – Bernkastel
Bernkastel City Tour
A tour through the romantic narrow streets of the old town of Bernkastel is one of the highlights of any trip to this town on the Moselle, with charming little shops and boutiques, inviting restaurants and traditionally rustic wine taverns and cafés.
The impressive timberwork on the town’s centuries-old houses promises a genuine Moselle-style experience. Among the many sights worth seeing in Bernkastel are the historical market square, the Renaissance-style town hall and St. Michael’s Fountain – the last two built in the early 17th Century – as well as the traditional “pointed house” dating back a further 200 years, all of which vividly evoke the town’s long and often magnificent past. 

Day 5 – Koblenz
Walking Tour Koblenz
Experience one of the most beautiful towns in Germany with more than 2000 years of history, on a guided walking tour. The great strategic location at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel rivers was the reason the Romans called the city Confluentes which later turned to Koblenz.
The romantic streets of Koblenz show a variety of famous stories shaped around many local traditions and sites. Enjoy highlights such as the Church of Our Lady and the St. Castor Basilica. Discover the picturesque squares and the impressive monument of Emperor Wilhelm I at the German Corner. 

Day 6 – Rüdesheim
Music Cabinet and Wine Tasting
Departing directly from the ship, the wine-grower-express mini-train transfers guests directly to the heart of Rüdesheim. Here, the famous mechanical music cabinet is on show, where you can enjoy listening to as many as 350 self-playing musical instruments from over three centuries of German history. Finish the morning with a wine tasting at a local winery, and soak up the atmosphere in this charming town.

Please note:
* Program can be subject to change.
* In order for the excursion program to run, the program requires a minimum of 20 participants per excursion and may be subject to a possible maximum number of participants per excursion.
* In certain cases, smaller groups can be accounted for; prices and conditions will be set at the discretion of the shipping company.
* In the event of limited transportation capacity, shortened opening times, unexpected/heavy traffic, necessary detours, local celebrations etc., we reserve the right to change the order of the itinerary and in exceptional cases a planned visit maybe cancelled due to external influences such as force majeure.
* Unless otherwise stated, shopping is not scheduled in the excursion program.


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