4 Reasons to book your Christmas Cruises now!

August 22, 2016

It might sounds like an odd time to think about Christmas as December is still months away. However, did you know that this is the perfect time of the year to start planning your Christmas cruises? Here are four reasons to start planning that winter getaway now!


1. To dream or not to dream – that is the answer!
Looking forward to a planned trip can be just as good as the real thing! Knowing that you have a great trip in advance will boost your happiness, according to research. In the time leading up to the trip, you can dream about how wonderful the cruise would be and about all the new experiences that you will gain! No one can take that enjoyment you felt when fantasizing about Christmas cruises!

2. Christmas is the time to be Jolly
During our Christmas cruises we visit a few of the best Christmas markets of Europe, which offer a unique opportunity to walk through fairytale towns with half-timbered houses, regional artists and local vendors presenting their handmade crafts and ornaments. Not to mention, the freshly baked treats and other traditional delicacies exclusively prepared for the holiday season.image
Stroll through the snow-covered streets decorated with sparkling Christmas lights, and indulge in the atmosphere whilst sipping warm glühwein and enjoying the lovely sound of Christmas carols.

3. Bringing together guests from near and far
Festive cruises offer a magical atmosphere onboard, for all to enjoy. Each ship is individually decorated to add to the festive cheer with an abundance of Christmas trees, evergreen wreaths and sparkling lights. A special Christmas dinner, with delicacies for the holiday season, is offered to guests and ensure that all can celebrate this special time of the year.

4. All the pleasures of cruising…
Aside from Christmas celebrations and markets, the cruise also offers the classic elements of cruising such as hotel quality onboard services and amenities, plus a fully catered restaurant and bar. In addition to the ship, a cruise allows the freedom to move and explorer new locations for which, exciting onshore excursions and other cultural activities are available. What a perfect way to wind down from the years stress, than by combining Christmas with a river cruise.

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